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Orthopaedic and Trauma Times is the official journal of the Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance which is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to promote education and networking for all Health Care Professionals working within the specialisms of Orthopaedic & Trauma and all related areas.

The Journal is published at least 3 times a year and is distributed free to all members of the Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance UK.

It is also available on subscription and in certain libraries

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Out Now – Issue 33

Issue 23 Scan

It is ten years since the first issue of Orthopaedic and Trauma Times was published and 32 issue later we are commemorating the anniversary with an online issue available to all visitors to the site not just OTA Members.

Simply click the link OTT 33 to read or download the journal.

This issue contains: –

  • Bone Metastases
  • Conference 2017 Report
  • Pin Site Care
  • Medical Law 10year Review
  • CPD Multi Choice Questions
  • 2018 Conference Details

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